Saturday, January 28, 2012

High End And Tactical Knives

  Just a short blog today.  We are happy to sharpen higher end knives (SOG, Benchmade, etc) and Tactical/hunting  knives (KaBar, Buckmaster,etc).  Don't forget, these knives have a different edge than an average kitchen knife. Tactical knives have a blunter grind (almost 30 degrees versus the average 22.5) to keep the edge true during heavy use.  High end knives can be scratched by amateurs, and that can affect the resale value.
Here at M&M;, we use a combination of hand and machine work to get your knives to that razor edge.  Don't forget our shop motto, "It shaves or it doesn't leave!". Meaning, if the knife isn't sharp enough to shave the hair on your arm, it doesn't leave the shop!


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