Saturday, January 28, 2012

Care And Feeding Of Hand Saws

Hey. It's been awhile since our last blog. Let's have a visit about hand saws.If you use hand saws, (cross cut, rip, tree) keeping them sharp will make your life easier.  They cut easier, safer and leave a better cut edge.  Use a good oil on the blade after you are done with the saw. Spray it with WD-40 and wipe off all wood gum/ dust, etc., then leave a light oil sheen on it when you put it away. This will keep rust from building up on it.
Keep the tool sharpened regularly.  We sharpen most hand saws, and are one of only a couple of providers in the area who keep this lost art alive!  Look up our facebook page at for pictures of our work.
Always hang the saw so that the teeth are not banging against the shelves and other tools.

Treat your tools well. Remember, tools are an investment, not a commodity!

Never A Dull Moment,

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