Saturday, January 28, 2012

Keeping It Sharp


Welcome to our first Blogger entry.  I wanted to introduce ourselves to you, and let you know a little about us.  We are a professional knife and tool sharpening business here in Wichita, KS, but we serve the outlying counties as well.  We can professionally sharpen knives, scissors, mower/edger blades, Chainsaws, and most farm/lawn/and garden tools. (including Eco-friendly reel mowers)  We also sharpen woodworking hand tools such as planes, chisels, and hand saws.  We can handle commercial accounts (restaraunts, prof. tree and lawn services, farmers) with multiple items, and our turnaround time is 24-48 hours.  Our quality is second to none, and our quality statement for our knives is simple, "If it doesn't shave, it doesn't leave!"  Meaning, if the knife isn't sharp enough to shave the hair on your arm, it doesn't leave the shop!"
We can also sharpen other things, like fishing hooks and gaffs, metal tipped darts, and industrial and household paper cutters.
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Never A Dull Moment!
Mark Madden
Owner, Sharpening Technician
M&M Sharpening Services

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